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Patient-Centered Radiology Practice

Illuminate® gives you instant access to the patient and business documentation your radiology practice needs to move from a fee-for-service model to an outcomes-based practice centered on patient engagement.

Illuminate allows you to transform historical data across multiple EMR systems into actionable information, resulting in measurable improvements in patient care and overall business practices.


The Beneficiaries of Actionable Information


Correlate radiology and pathology results from divergent EMR systems, instantly view clinical history, access comparative studies and even track patient follow-up. See specific benefits for Radiologists and 937-523-3401.


Access real-time clinical and departmental performance analytics, gather data for government and accreditation reporting, and identify quality issues before they become problem issues. See specific benefits for Radiology Admin Directors and fulfillment.


Easily data-mine your own archive for research purposes, quickly share new findings with colleagues and residents and instantly find examples for comparison and teaching opportunities. silver protein.

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